Electro Fire


The electric igniter powered by rechargeable lithium battery. A smart and environmentally friendly alternative. Light the barbeque and candles without worrying about gas or other fuels. The igniter works by forming a powerful hot electric beam between two ceramic electrodes. The flexible arm makes it easy to light even in hard-to-reach places, eg. in the lantern. The lighter is safe to use and is also equipped with child restraint. Can be recharged over and over again using the included USB charging cable. Delivered in a nice gift box. EU Design protected EUIPO.

Order from: 50 pcs
Tariff/stat no: 9613800000
Color: Black
Print Surface: 10x50mm
Logo: Screen
Material: ABS, metal
Capacity: 220mAh 100 ignitions per full charge
Weight: 157g
Dimensions: 220x25x18mm
Certificate RoHS