DataBlocker 4in1 Cable 1m


Charge your phone safely no matter where you are!

The Data Blocker cable prevents malware and hackers from exposing your information when using public charging sockets that are easy to manipulate and steal your data without your knowledge.

The cable is equipped with a Sync stop function (data blocker) that prevents accidental data transfer when charging your device via a public charging station or in someone else’s computer. Data blocker achieves this by blocking data transmission and only allows current to pass.

Data blocker allows you to avoid identity theft and interception of calls and messages. This cable eliminates the risks of malware installation and data theft. Dekra approved.

DataBlocker 4in1 Cable 2m

Order from: 50 pcs
Tariff/stat no: 8544429090
Color: Black, Silver, Green, Red, Blue
Print Surface: 20×5, 12×5, 10x8mm
Logo: Engraving
Material: Fabric/aluminium
Capacity: 2,4A
Weight: 35g
Dimensions: 1000mm
Certificate: Rohs,Emc