Mobile/Laptop Adapter Set


The standard of contacts has begun to change in the industry. Soon, the USB-A connector will be replaced by the more modern and faster Type C connector.

This modern set of two adapters will solve these problems for you, so you don’t have to run and buy lots of new cables / connectors. Just keep using your old popular cables with this adapter set.

Aluminum and logo adapters are engraved exclusively on each adapter.

These are delivered attached to standard cards. Custom design on card possible at an additional cost from 500 pcs.

Order from: 100 pcs
Tariff/stat no: 8544429000
Color: Metal
Print Surface: 17x10mm
Logo: Engraving
Material: Aluminium
Weight: 10g
Dimensions: 32x14x6,5mm
Certificate CE
Other: Delivered in a nice paper card