Solar Hand crank Radio PRO


The best Emergency radio for unexpected situations. The radio has a robust design with a folding antenna and is small enough to easily fit in the backpack. The emergency radio can receive FM and AM radio and has a built-in LED lamp (flashlight) Built in Reading lamp and built-in powerbank of 2000mAh and an assault alarm. When it comes to the radio’s battery power you have four choices: charge via crank, via solar cells, with AAA batteries or via USB sockets. In the event of a power failure, it is best to use the crank or extra batteries if you want to increase the battery power relatively quickly. Charge with the crank / dynamo for about 10 minutes, which gives just over an hour of use. The radio has a USB output that can be used to charge the radio but also by other electronic gadgets, e.g. your phone or other devices. Should an emergency occur, use the assault alarm that is built into the product. A strong and loud sound is heard while a red light is flashing.

Simply a complete Emergency Radio!

Under 50pcs without logo ask for quote.

(AAA battery not included)

Smaller model: Solar Hand crank Radio small

Order from: 50 pcs
Tariff/stat no: 8527910000
Color: Black
Print Surface: 20x10mm
Logo: 1-c (white or grey), 2-c possible from 200pcs
Material: ABS
Capacity: 2000mAh powerbank
Weight: 310g
Dimensions: 157x75x46mm
Certificate: Rohs, EMC, Red